We live in a borderless world and technology has made geographical boundaries a lot less relevant. For today’s founders, this means that going global is a business strategy from Day one, rather than an afterthought. The only conundrum: How?

Given Lightspeed's global platform, we wanted to connect and share the learnings of those who have transitioned cultural and geographic borders to hire and build businesses outside their home base. And that is our endeavour with Limitless. To enable founders to understand the nuts and bolts of cross-border entrepreneurship, both from a professional and a personal lens.

With Limitless, we hope to connect a community of cross border founders to learn, share and grow together.

About Lightspeed
Lightspeed is a global multi-stage venture capital firm focused on accelerating disruptive innovations and trends in the Enterprise, Consumer, and Health sectors. Since 2000, Lightspeed has backed entrepreneurs and helped build companies of tomorrow, including Snap, Hasura, OYO, Affirm, Acceldata, AppDynamics, Nutanix, Supabase, Darwinbox, Razorpay and Udaan. Lightspeed and its affiliates currently manage more than $18 Billion across the global Lightspeed platform, with investment professionals and advisors in India, Silicon Valley, Israel, China, Southeast Asia and Europe.

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