Entrepreneurial dreams are Limitless

Dev Khare
October 22, 2021
2 minutes

The world is shrinking. Founders from across the globe are discovering new markets beyond their geographies. This isn’t new and going global is not a novelty anymore. But it is an important evolution in the maturity of companies with large ambitions.

Lightspeed is bullish on tech companies finding new and innovative business models to solve large problems efficiently and we want to help founders avoid them so they can make an outsized impact in their sectors.  

This is why we’re creating Limitless.

Limitless is a destination that is built for founders who dream about building global behemoths, creating new opportunities and innovating for their customers.

But why now?

We are at the cusp of change. The world is closer than ever before. Digitisation has accelerated the pace of globalisation. And startups originating in Israel, Europe, Southeast Asia and Latin America are charting new playbooks for international expansion.

These startups—across SaaS, infrastructure software, B2B commerce, and even fintech—are becoming internationally recognizable companies. Going global is no longer an option explored late in the future. It is now part of many entrepreneurs’ visions from Day one.